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It’s not all that long ago that we were taking our machines to our local repair man or call out our tech guy when something went wrong with our computers. Problems were simply too hard to fix yourself and there was no help anywhere, unless you just happened to know some clever cookie in IT.

This all changed somewhat when places started to roll out software and ISP support phone lines where you could connect to an operator after some amount of time (how long is a piece of string after all?) and they would be able to walk you through your issues to a quick solution. A while after came the online live chat support additions to websites.

However, these options are generally not available from hardware manufacturers so if you have issues like a corrupted hard drive, disk failure, issues with deleted or missing files, etc., it can be difficult to know who to turn to. Often, searching the internet is fruitless and just leaves you with more questions than you had previously!



Leave it to the professionals?
So, should you leave it to the professionals still to recover your data from your hard drive for you? Should you drop your machine off at the local repair center or call your local repair man up to take a look at it for you? The overwhelmingly resounding answer is no, you should not. While the repair man will no doubt be able to solve your issue and recover your data (and perhaps give your machine a quick tune up in the process), it’s also likely to be a horribly costly experience.

Computer repairs can cost $125+ an hour to fix your machine and unless you’re looking over their shoulder the whole time, you have no idea how long it actually took – i.e. they may be overcharging you.

The only reason that you should take your machine to the experts is if your drive has suffered from a mechanical failure. The small components will need fixing and unless you are skilled at it, you can break your drive even more.



How the computer repair space has changed over time

Most computer repairs have come a long way, whereas computer repair specialists have not. You can now find programs online to do all the tasks that a computer repair person used to do manually in a painstakingly complex process. These new utility programs are designed to be simple enough for novice users to navigate, and comprehensive enough for advanced users to tweak to their liking.

And the best thing is not even that you save yourself money by purchasing them, but it’s that you can continue to use the software again whenever you need it, instead of yet another fee from the computer repair person the next time the issue occurs.



You need the best data recovery service or program
So, when we’re talking about the best data recovery service, what we really mean is the best data recovery software program. With the best program, you should be able to recover everything you want in an easy process (and feel confident in the fact that you attained the results you needed yourself!) and that you will be able to use it again if needed.

The best data recovery service should contain the following:

  • An easy-to-use interface with clear instructions to guide users
  • The option to recover deleted data, data from a corrupted hard drive, data from a deleted partition, data from a formatted hard drive, or simply data that has gone missing
  • The ability to save a single file, multiple selections of files, or the entire contents of the drive
  • The ability to preview various types of files such as photos and documents to check if they are the right ones before recovery
  • Dedicated help channels such as email response and live chat via a website
  • The option to recover data from USBs, SD cards, and even digital cameras and phones



Our Pick



Our pick of the pack that encompasses all the qualities that you need in a data recovery program is Wondershare’s Data Recovery software. The program is very simple to use with features that will impress the tech-heads, too. There are two versions to choose from – Windows or Mac – depending on what sort of machine you have. Check out all its features today to ensure it’s got everything you need!


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